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Here you find play-alongs that can help you for your practicing...

Music Theory

here you find knowledge of music theory


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Fingering Chart Saxophone Grifftabelle Saxofon

Fingering chart  saxophone

Fingering Chart Clarinet Grifftabelle Klarinette

Fingering chart clarinet

Fingering chart flute Grifftabelle Querflöte

Fingering chart flute


Here you find various play-alongs. They can help you for your improvisation practice.

 Blues (V-IV-I)

These play-alongs are based on a simple blues with an V-IV-I ending in the last 4 bars. They are in medium Tempo and available in 2 styles: shuffle and walking style. Included: 12 mp3 files (12 keys) and an interactive pdf file with audio integrated  (Adobe Acrobat Reader required for audio support).

Shuffle Style

Blues play-along shuffle in all 12 keys

Swing Style

Blues play-along shuffle in all 12 keys

 Imaj7-VIm7-IIm7-V7 (Turnaround)

These play-alongs are perfect to train the major scales and of course chord tones. They are comon in so many Jazz standards and Pop songs. They are available in 3 styles: Swing, Funky Bossa and Pop Jazz (Smooth Jazz). You’ll get 12 mp3 files (all keys).

Swing Style

I-VI-II-V play-along in swing style all 12 keys

Bossa Style

I-VI-II-V play-along in bossa style all 12 keys

Pop-Funk Style

I-VI-II-V play-along in pop style all 12 keys

 IIm7 - V7

Here you get the IIm7-V7 in all keys and 3 different styles: Soul, Bossa and Swing. Perfect to be prepared in all styles!

Soul Style

IIm7-V7 play-along soul style in all keys

Bossa Style

IIm7-V7 play-along bossa style in all keys

Swing Style

IIm7-V7 play-along swing style in all keys


Here you get the IIm7-V7-Imaj7 progression in all keys, 32 bar AABA form in Swing Style!

Swing Style

IIm7-V7-Imaj7 play-along swing style in all keys